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Maria’s Story:

The Bar Method works. The workout keeps you challenged, the people keep you accountable and the combination produces incredible results

Before Bar Method, if I wasn’t sweating with a heart rate at 70% of max, I didn’t feel I was working out. I’d run 9 marathons, but the backside of my body was weak and my hip flexors were stressed from chronic overuse. And, even though I exercised constantly, I still felt my legs were not strong, my arms not lean and my stomach not flat.

Then came three pregnancies in three years, including a set of identical twins during my second pregnancy. I kept running, but my hip flexors were starting to ache and feel tighter than ever before. I had no idea what my alternatives were for losing the last 15 pounds of baby weight. I never imagined it could be done without hours and hours of cardio.


After my first few Bar Method classes, I found a kindred spirit in Maika, one of the co-owners of the Bar Method studio in Redmond. “I’m so nervous,” I told her. “I’m worried if I’m not running 5 days a week, I will never lose the 15 pounds of baby weight.”

She told me to relax; she was also a marathon runner and shared her experience adding Bar Method to her running (her best marathon time ever) and eventually turning to Bar Method exclusively to reach her fitness goals.

So I decided to conduct a little experiment inspired by a friend who had just completed 100 yoga classes in 100 days. Could I forego running and take The Bar Method 6x a week for 100 days? My husband signed up as my support crew and watched the kids while I went to Bar every day at 6am. If I could complete this challenge, I thought, I’d certainly be back in running shape by the end and could move on.

I tracked my progress and began to see big changes. When I started to feel bulky around day 20, Bev and Maika encouraged me to keep going. “It is just your muscle bulking up, it will slim back down if you keep taking class,” Bev said. She pointed me to Burr’s blog for more advice and I stuck with it.

By day 30, I had lost 5 pounds. I was getting the form and really enjoying my Bar-mates. The group of “6am-ers” kept me motivated, inspired and encouraged. I felt like I had a built-in accountability system and people who truly wanted me to succeed. One of these exceptional women had just passed the 30-pound loss mark.

By day 50, I was down 7 pounds and fit into a couple of pairs of old pants.

By day 75, I had lost 10 of the 15 pounds of leftover baby weight. I kept going to class. By day 100, my pre-pre-pre-pregnancy jeans fit with room to spare. I couldn’t believe it.

Now, my entire shape has changed. I’m leaner in my “post pregnancy trouble zones” like the hips and thighs. Even my mid-section is getting stronger after all of my C-sections. The best part is that I feel confident in my body, which I can pass along to my daughters. And, I have a ton of energy to run around with my kids.

I’m so thankful for the experience the team at The Bar Method provides. They create an atmosphere that pushes people to the edge with great results. Thank you Bev, Luke, Maika, Pam, Kevin, Andrea and Sam.



Maria wrote her testimonial in 2010 after having her 4th child.  In early 2011 Maria became a Bar Method instructor and in February 2012 she welcomed her 5th child, Thomas Patrick Frei, into this world. Congratulations Maria for having 5 children under 5 years old and for being an amazing Bar Method instructor at the same time! Maria took class throughout her pregnancy… even on the day of her delivery.

What does Maria do to stay in such great shape?  She eats healthy and takes Bar Method five or six times per week.