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Pam’s Story:


My weight has always been my evil nemesis. I look back and see pictures of myself and don’t even recognize that girl. I’ve struggled with not only the number on the scale, but how clothes would look and fit on my body. It was embarrassing and uncomfortable. Confidence was something I couldn’t afford to wear. I can remember having somewhere to be and literally having nothing to wear… because suddenly my “fat clothes” were too small. The weird thing is; I don’t recall the process of my becoming overweight. It must have happened over the course of several years, but I can’t pinpoint that moment where I went from “a few pounds overweight” to “flirting with obesity”.

I tried Yoga, the elliptical, jogging, and several other workout plans. I was tired of working so hard and getting little to no results. I have tried all kinds of dieting… the binge-and-barely-eat-a-celery-stick unhealthy kind and I’ve tried the healthier version of eat-all-the-tuna-you-want diet. I noticed that while on these diets, I would crave everything I wasn’t allowed to have.

“I love that the Bar Method challenges my body, mind, and soul every day.”

~ Pam

Out of pure frustration I would quit these stupid diets and just accept defeat. But what continued to bother me was being in my mid-twenty’s and being in the worst shape of my life! Wasn’t that backwards? It finally occurred to me that if I wanted to SEE changes in my body, I had to willing to change more than my body. I had to change my outlook on myself and my life.

That’s when the call came.

Having another sisterly chat one day in September of ’08, Bev told me she was moving to the Seattle area to open a Bar Method Studio. With the prospect of her moving here to open a fitness studio above all things, I started to do my Bar Method DVD workouts three times a week. When Bev and Luke finally arrived, I was sure that I was ready for her workouts… boy, did I have another thing coming! My form was all over the place. It was obvious that I had NO body awareness, no upper body strength, and a whole lot extra around my core that was in my way. So the workouts began.

What was three days working out, turned into four, then five. For a person who never worked out, it was a challenge to stay in the full hour workout. At first I was just excited to complete the whole workout, never taking the “options”. Then one day I could do a real push up for the first time in my life. And then I started to see the changes. My arms and legs were getting firm… and then one day there was muscle definition that wasn’t there before.


I’ve lost over 35 lbs and I’m still changing and challenging my body. This transformation has revealed a side of me that I didn’t know existed; someone who is capable of change. I love that the Bar Method challenges my body, mind, and soul every day. I love how I feel when I’ve pushed myself to work a little harder, perfect my form “just an inch”. I love that I stand a little taller, and yes, a lot leaner.

I feel healthy. I feel strong. I feel confident. The Bar Method has not only encouraged me to help myself, but to also help others. Becoming a Bar Method teacher has been an amazing experience. There is a strong sense of community and friendship at the Redmond Bar Method that is alluring. The workouts are addictive. The results are rewarding. I cannot thank Bev, Luke, and Maika enough for their constant encouragement and guidance.