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Tiffany’s Story:


2013: My “challenge” didn’t begin with the bathing suit challenge this year, it began for me when I found out I was pregnant. My goals were shifted from what they had previously been, focusing on how my body looked, to focusing on how my body performed. I wanted to be strong and healthy for my pregnancy, delivery and baby. I can’t say enough how Bar Method provided that. I was consistent with my classes throughout my pregnancy going 3 times a week. I ended up delivering 2 days past my due date (on Mother’s Day), and felt the delivery was easier for me due to my core strength (I just pretended I was doing low curl in the hospital  ;-)). I know it also helped with my muscle memory post-delivery to really kick things back into gear. I was back to Bar Method 5 weeks after delivery and back into my pre-baby jeans within 3 months.

My baby girl just turned a year this May and we have several bathing suit vacations planned for the summer (oy). Needless to say the swim suit challenge came in just the knick of time. I decided to up my classes to 4 times a week and make some tweaks to my diet. If I couldn’t make it to class, I would do a video at home. I am proud to say that I have dropped down one pant size (from my pre-baby size)!

For me Bar Method isn’t just about building a defined body, it is an hour I am given to really focus inward. From that focus I am provided strength, energy and a positive attitude that carries me through each day. Thank you to the Bar Method clients and staff for always inspiring me.

“There is no better way to celebrate life then to share your goodness with others.”

~ Tiffany

2010 Challenge: This challenge came at a perfect time to help me jump start my wedding day body! I set out to fit into my “skinny jeans” that I keep as a gage in the back of my dresser. I put them on last week and was surprised that there was a little extra room. I have been (on average) going to class 3 times a week. Previously I was going 2 times a week. In all honesty, I really haven’t changed my diet and due to my work schedule I haven’t even been making it to the gym to ge my cardio in over the last few months.

So literally, it’s just been taking more Bar Method classes that have allowed me to lose a few inches. I have taken class for a little over 4 years, and even I was surprised at this. I am feeling stroner and definitely more flexible. My goal in each class is to really focus on the instruction given so I can work to perfect my form. Each class to me is like an hour long meditation with my muscles.

So my quest for the perfect wedding day body continues on. I will begin making a continuous effort to be more focused on my diet and up my goal of Bar Method classes from 3 times a week to 4. So stay tuned… because by the time the big day rolls around in September I will be feeling better than ever and I will rock that wedding dress like nobody’s bidnezz.


On a personal note, my sister’s cancer came back last month. She was diagnosed with lung cancer after already battling breast cancer 2 years ago. She has always been the epitome of a strong woman to me. When I don’t want to go to class because I feel tired and warn down, I think of my sister. At the end of each class when we sit quiet, I take that moment to visualize the strength and positive energy that class has given my healthy body. I envision that energy being transferred to my sister and in that moment I know I have done something that matters with my day.

Thank you Bev, Maika, Luke and Pammikins for being the positive, beautiful, inspiring individuals that you are. There is no better way to celebrate life then to share your goodness with others, and you all do that exceptionally well. Cheers to you. I love you loads.  Xxx’s, ooo’s and lots of tucks.