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Lindzi’s Story:

I first started Bar Method a year and a half ago.

I stumbled into the Studio and quickly took the prize as the most awkward person ever to attempt bar method (I don’t think there is an award for that, but I won it anyways). Prior to Bar, I was not really the ‘workout’ type, I had never found a workout routine that kept my interest for longer than 5 minutes, let alone a full hour.

Each bar class is an hour of hands on instruction, fantastic music and INTENSE workout. I quickly went from being awkward to fitting right in with those other lean fit ladies (and gentlemen!) Bar Method takes a lot of care in making sure that each movement is performed correctly to maximize effectiveness and protect you from injury.

But lets be honest, the reason I drag myself out of bed early every morning is not to listen to good music and put in my hour of intensity. The results from my Bar Method classes have me hooked and keep me coming back for more! I cannot believe how much bar has leaned and toned my muscles and chiselled definition into muscles I didn’t know could chisel.


“Bar Method has been a total game changer and I am over the moon excited about the results!”

~ Lindzi

Bar truly is a full body workout, my chest, arms, back and legs have all dramatically benefited from the workouts… but my favorite success story: my bum. It has completely lifted and firmed my seat. And this may sound rather vain, but I find myself admiring my rear in the mirror every chance I get.

Ladies don’t slouch. You can tell a lot about a person by their posture and how they carry themselves. Bar really focuses on maintaining excellent posture during class that translates into the rest of your day. In addition to the Bar Method sculpted body, I feel like I am gracefully prancing around town like a ballerina thanks to all the benefits of Bar!

Bar Method has been a total game changer and I am over the moon excited about the results! Like any new workout, it’s scary to try the first time, but the Bar Method instructors immediately take away the anxiety and make it an hour I’ve never regretted!