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Susan’s Story:


I am so happy I found the Bar Method. Committing to coming here 5 days a week these last 9 months have made huge changes in my life. A little over a year ago at my annual physical, my doctor gave me some sobering news. At 45 years old I was at least 30lbs overweight and sedentary with constant lower back pain. My blood pressure and cholesterol were much too high and my blood sugar was near pre diabetes level. If I didn’t make some changes in my diet and physical activity she would have to put me on medication. With a strong family history of heart disease, I knew I had to take this seriously.

In the summer I joined Weight Watchers and lost about 15 lbs in two months and did as much walking as I could. Walking alone was not enough so then I got enough courage to try a Bar Method class that I’d seen at the Town Center since it opened. That first class was so hard but something about it made me think that this could be the right thing for me. From that first time on I have consistently come to class 5 days a week and continue to be more aware of what I eat. Eventually 20 more pounds came off and several sizes.

I never could have kept coming without the amazing encouragement and support of all the staff. They make me want to push myself as hard as I can at every class. I still can’t believe I can now lift my arms at low & kickstand curl when I could barely even just hang on when I began.

Two months ago I went back for a physical and my doctor (and me!) was thrilled. All my numbers are now at excellent levels plus no more back pain. I love having that extra weight off and feeling strong and healthy. I love coming to class and getting all that positive energy from the teachers and fellow students. I leave feeling like I accomplished something both physically and mentally challenging.

It’s a great feeling!


“I never could have kept coming without the amazing encouragement and support of all the staff.”

~ Susan